Transporting Llamas from the UK to Europe

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of transporting llamas from the UK to Europe sounds complex but if you find a knowledgeable transport company who are well versed to dealing with the specific requirements for transporting llamas, it makes the whole process a lot more straightforward.

If you are moving llamas within the European Union (EU) this is considered as EU trade and subject to protocol. Interestingly countries such as Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland whilst not members of the EU are also covered by the same EU protocol.

If you are importing or exporting llamas within the EU, your llamas must be accompanied by an Intra Trade Animal Health Certificate (ITAHC). If you are moving llamas from Great Britain to another country that is part of EU trade, it is your responsibility to obtain the ITAHC. If however you are bringing llamas into Great Britain you need to make sure the person you are importing your llamas from has arranged the ITAHC in their country.

In Great Britain, ITAHC’s are issued by DEFRA using their online tool called Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES). Once you have completed the ITAHC you need to let the Animal and Health Plant Agency (APHA) know that you have created an ITAHC and who your Official Veterinarian (OV) is. The OV must be a registered vet who has been officially authorised to sign trade documents and able to do the necessary checks to make sure that your llamas meets requirements and are fit to travel. It is worth double checking with your local veterinary practice that they have an OV as not all practices do.

Once your llamas arrives in Great Britain with the correct paperwork it must be checked by an APHA inspector. You need to ensure that the original health certificates travel with your llamas to the destination and that your llama travels directly to the place of destination that you have listed on the health certificate.

When arranging the transport for your llamas, it is worth finding a reputable transport company who have plenty of experience in transporting llamas. If you would like some more information please feel free to contact LOC Transport by phone on 01293 871877 or email