Alpaca Transport Fleet

LOC Alpaca Transport

We are able to offer both shared loads and private charter transport. Large loads are transported in our own specially built lorry. We regularly transport to most European countries including; France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Holland. We also transport to; Argentina, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia.

LOC International Alpaca Transport's Lorry

LOC International Alpaca Transport lorry LOC International Alpaca Transport - inside the LOC lorry

We use our custom built lorry that is ideally suited for the transportation of Alpacas, specifically:

  • Alpacas travel according to your preference
  • Plenty of room for Alpacas to stand up or sit down as they prefer
  • Males and females travel separately
  • Non slip rubber flooring and ramp
  • Electric ramp allows low loading, which is reassuring for nervous or inexperienced Alpacas
  • Fully adjustable partitions
  • Air suspension for an extra comfortable ride
  • Grooms/attendents doors at both ends of the lorry allow us easy access to care for your Alpacas
  • Temperature control unit monitoring every three minutes
  • CCTV on board for constant monitoring of your Alpacas
  • GPS navigation for UK and Europe
  • Washed and disinfected after every journey
  • DEFRA vehicle approval certificate endorsed by the Road Transport Association, DEFRA and the State Veterinary Service
  • On board water and haylage supplied as standard on international trips
  • Fully equipped first aid kits and electrolytes.

In addition, the lorry is enabled with internet and email connectivity to allow you to get in touch with us at any time.