Alpaca Welfare

LOC Alpaca Transport

Alpaca welfare - the welfare of the animals we are transporting have the highest priority

LOC International Alpaca Transport takes the welfare of the animals under it's charge very seriously, they are our highest priority.

We have extensive experience in transporting Alpacas both internationally and locally and have a deep understanding of providing the highest levels of care and animal welfare for them whilst they are being transported by us.

  • LOC transports Alpacas in a ministry approved transporter or trailer. Plenty of room is provided for the animals to stand or sit down as they prefer
  • Alpacas are always travelled loose to allow them to freely move about in transit
  • All LOC transport has good quality rubber flooring and is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every journey
  • Adult males and females are travelled separately and can be divided by a solid partition if you have a mixed load
  • Regular, frequent stops are made to provide the Alpacas with clean drinking water and food. This especially applies to females with young cria at foot and allows the cria time to suckle. We give them ample opportunity to stand and defecate
  • LOC takes every precaution to prevent accident and in the case of an emergency we always carry suitable medical supplies, halters and lead ropes for each animal being transported
  • LOC requests that veterinary advice is sought prior to travelling heavily pregnant females. Judgements should take into account travelling time and distance
  • For longer journeys, or more at risk animals, LOC recommends the use of the LOC lorry which has CCTV, temperature control and air suspension for a more comfortable ride.